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50% of Idleb city residents , 82% of educated class said : Alfath Army will not be the core of future Syrian Army

50% of Idleb city residents , 82% of educated class said : Alfath Army will not be the core of future Syrian Army




In a research conducted by SyriaInside in Idlebdistrict in July 2015 showed that 48% of the citizens do not see AlFath Army, who freed Idleb from the regime forces fully , as a national army of future Syria . 43% of the population in the survey ascribed their opinion for the reason that Alfath  Army is formed as a result of temporary international circumstances.


78% said that the reason of the successes and victories of Alfath Army is due to the unity of most military factions in the city under international pressure, while 18%  referred the reason to the loss of morale and motivation of the regime forces.

On the other hand, 82%  of the educational class in Idleb agreed that  Alfath Army can't be a  core of the future Syrian Army, as it is formed due to temporary international circumstances , and specific ideological groups, referring to the Islamic ideology of most groups.

While 52% of women in this survey thought that Alfath Army is capable to free Syria from the Regime and ISIS as well,if the experience generalized to other parts of Syria.


Review of the research and its results



Many groups and factions with different names and redical views appeared since the Syrian revolution has got armed, some achieved actual victories. On 24th of March 2015, some groups (Alnusrafront, the Islamic movement, Suqoural-Sham, JundAlAqsa, Alsham Legion Right (Truth) Brigade "LiwaaAlhaqq" – Idleb, Al Sunna Army, AjnadAlsham- Hama) got united under what is so called Alfath Army , their first accomplishment was freeing Idleb to be the second district out of the Regime control , this was followed with freeing other areas and military camps.

Such accomplishments and the Army's direct effect on the due course on land,made it necessary to study this army's  work mechanism and future views .


This is so , due to the repetition of Alfath Army experience in other Syrian cities, which appeared after the victory in Aldheif valley and Alhamdieh camp battle when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Muhaisny called to unite the armed groups in Syria in one cadre against the regime leaving names behind.

Such research importance rely in the fact that it spots the light on Al Fath Army as the most successful experience till today of united groups with varied ideological views ; besides, they accomplished results no group or army could achieve . for these reasons the importance of studying Al Fath Army structure appears , the success reasons and solidarity until today.


The study aims at giving the citizen,in several towns of Idleb (Idleb the city, MaaratAnnoman, Areeha, JesrAshoghor, Harem) , a chance to tell an opinion regarding Alfath Army in the sense of Al-Fath Army promises and future , beside generalizing the experience to other Syrian districts; and to figure out the reasons of their success, and which group is dominating the army if any.

The research came out with different results with almost an agreement on some points while there was variousopinions depending on gender, town or age,  which give the results more credibility and reality.


Research Methodology:



The research carried out the quantitative method, using a questionnaire with five questions about AlFath Army , their accomplishments and future. The research is conducted in towns and areas of (Idleb the City, MaaratAnnoman, Areeha, JesrAshoghoor and Harem) . the sample were chosen in each city randomly regardless of age, gender and educational levels. Number of people questioned in this questionnaire were 600. A 1000 were contacted in the above mentioned towns to reach the required percentage, 200 were questioned in each town (20 educated, 20 militant, 20 woman, 60 of public) while 400 refused to answer the questionnaire fearing security sequences as AlFath Army is an armed force controls the area , the people sample included: women (100) of different ages and education degrees, men (500), regardless age,  distributed as follows : bachelor degree holders or bachelor students (100), militants of Alfath Army and the Free Army (100), public , high school and below, (300).  Women percentage was 17%.

As for Age variety:

  • People under 30 yrs old : 13% ,
  • People between 3050 yrs old : 74%
  • Over 50 yrs old 13%


  • During creating the questionnaire , we tried to add questions which do not rise fear when answering or revoke any hostile reaction towards the team or questioner, also, to answer any question about Alfath Army. We did attempted to make it clear and simple and not longer than needed. We tried to get information about questioned person to add credibility and transparency to the research. Also we tested the questionnaire with a closed group to clarify any ambiguity to the questioned person.
  • The team interviewed the sample randomly in streets and marketsafter taking their approval to answer the questionnaire , many people feared and hesitated to answer , considering the subject sensitive for some groups of control on land.
  • It is to be mentioned that interviews took time more than planned because of pausing due to bad security circumstances (bombing and fighting betweeb Assad forces and Al-Fath Army) , that people were forced to leave their towns, where the questionnaire took place, which created a difficulty to communicate with some people; besides, some people refused to participate fearing any security consequences .
  • The team carried out the questionnaire got an approval from questioned people and clarified to them purpose of the questionnaire.
  • The increasing power of AlFath Army and their continual victories on land, made it necessary to study as it ,currently, has become the main militant group in  Idleb district which leads to study the future promises and capability to widen by repeating the experience in other districts , also study reasons of achieving victory in battles where other armed groups could not achieve.


Questionnaire Results Review:

When analyzing the data provided by people who were questioned , we had got many results as follows:


Q1. Possibility of AlFath Army to be the core  of Future Syrian Army?

12% approved on that point while 48%  disagreed , 40% were neutral as chart shows .


As of different classes

educated people had the three opinions , majority of them were neutral (39% of them), while militants 41% were neutral and 47% disagreed, although they are members of groups part of AlFath Army. On the other hand 60% of women disagreed and 50% of the rest classes disagreed that AlFath Army could be a core of Syria Future Army, as shown in the chart below


As for areas 

51% in Idleb city and 58% in JesrAshoghour disagreed , while 45% in MaaratAnnoman were neutral . on the other hand, in Areeha and Harem the percentage was close between neutral and disagreement.


As for Age 

63% under 30 yrs. old and 60% who are over 50 yrs. old disagreed, while those of age between 30 and 50 yrs. old were separated between neutral and disagreement


Q2. Why some refuse the idea that Alfath Army can be a core of Syria future National army ?

11% referred the reason to the ideological views of Alfath Army groups , while 43% think it was formed due to temporary international circumstances , and 45% find it is impossible for both reasons.


As for classes

82% of educated class and 54% of militants disagreed for both reasons, while 40% of women and 57% of the other classes disagreed because it is formed due to temporary international circumstances.


As for Age

54% of those younger than 30 yrs. old, and 53% of those older than 50 yrs. old disagreed for both reasons, while 47% older than 30 yrs. and younger than 50  yaers. old chose the answer that it was formed under temporary international circumstances.


As for Areas

46% in Idleb city and 63% in MaaratAnnoman chose both choices;while 43% in Areeha , and  45% in JesrAshogour and 63% in Harem chose the answer that Alfath Army was formed under temporary international circumstances.


Q3. If Alfath Armyexperience is generalized to other districts in Syria , does it have the capability to free… ?

4% chose that they can free areas from regime control, 8% thought they can free areas from ISIS control , while 52% chose both answers, on the other hand 36% could not expect what the army can do if generalized to other districts.

As for the different classes :

41% of educated people in the survey , 43% of militants, 52%  of women and 59% of public  thought that Alfath Army can free Syria from both ISIS and the regime.

As for towns :

58% in MArratAnnoman, 58% in areeha , 56% in JesrAshoghour and 60% in Harem chose both answers. But in Idleb city opinions separated 30% chose that Alfath Army can free areas from ISIS control and 29% chose both answers and 34% could not choose an answer.

As for Age :

49% of those who are younger than 30 yrs old , 54% of thise who are between 30 and 50 yrs old chose both answers , while 48% of those who atr older  than 50 yrscould not choose an answer.


Q4. In your opinion, what is the reason of Alfath Army success?

2% thought it was due to groups union while 2% thought it was due to the international pressure and want, on the other hand 78% thought it is both reasons; but 18% thought it  was because of the loss of morale and motivation of the regime forces

As for classes ,

80% of the educated class, 78% of militants, 85% of Women and 75% of the public chose both answers

As for areas,

87% in Idleb city ,80% in MaaratAnnoman , 65% in Areeha, 84% in JesrAshoghor and 74% in Harem chose both answers.


94% of those who are younger than 30 yrs. old, 75% of those between 30 yrs and 50 yrs old, and 80% of those who are over 50 yrs. old chose both answers.

Q5. Is Annusra is the spearhead of Alfath Army ?

29% agreed that Annusra front is the spearhead, while 71% of them thought that all groups are equal.

67% of the educated class , 70% of militants, 68% of women and 74% of other classes in the survey thought that all groups are equal .

79% in Idleb city , 74% in  MaaratAnnoman , 74% in Areeha , 69% in jesrAshoghor and 59% in Harem thought that all groups are equal

As for age:

79% of those who are younger than 30 yrs. old , 70% of those who are older than 30 yrs. and  younger than 50 yrs. old , and 68% of those who are over 50 yrs. ols thought all groups are equal.

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